The UK’s First Islamic Arts and Craft Box 

We aim to educate children about Islam through fun and exciting activities 

From creating a Zakat box to crafting the Five Pillars Of Islam 

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"What an amazing and fun way for my children to learn about Islam."

Sabha Mahmood

"I have been looking for something to engage my two daughters, aged 4 and 8 into learning about Islam. This was ideal."

Fareed Khaliq

"Great idea and love the design and content."

Mahwish Khan 


What ages are the Arts and Craft boxes aimed at?

The Arts and Crafts boxes are aimed at children between the ages 3-11 with adult supervision for ages under 5.

What is inside the box?

Every child will receive a box of three exciting Islamic Arts and Crafts activities, brightly coloured flash cards, clear instructions and glitzy accessories.

How can I contact you ?

If you have any queries or feedback regarding any of our products please contact us by email on